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Assembly Line Reiki in Guatemala

In February 2011, I went to the Yucatan in Mexico to study with a Mayan shaman and later traveled by bus and boat to El Remate in Guatemala. I had prearranged a week at Project Ix-canaan Women’s Centre where I would be supporting Dentists Without Borders who were visiting to offer free dental care to the local people. Anne Lossing, formerly of Calgary ran the centre and organized the dentists and me being there.

My job was to give people Reiki either before or after their dental work was done. In reality, I wasn’t sure how I would approach this but after a short time, I settled on a two-chair technique. I would sit behind the person receiving a treatment a put my hands on their shoulders. My process was to clear each chakra from the root to the crown using Reiki and visualization. There were many people in line to see the dentists and they were hesitant to try the treatment as their only experience with Reiki was the previous year when a person came in to share the modality with people. After a couple ladies got a session, a gentleman stood up and asked to be next. When his session was complete, he got up, turned around smiling and shook my hand. Henceforth I was busy for several hours a day doing what I coined assembly line Reiki.

The dentists, bless their kind hearts were from Calgary, each paying all of their own expenses to travel and be in Guatemala and covering the cost of flying the equipment in. The leader of the group was an American fellow who I saw singing and spreading joy as he worked. He thought these sessions were all fluff and blew them off. Well, the universe was watching and one day he got a young kid in his chair who screamed throughout his session. Afterwards, Anne approached me and said the American leader was knocked out of his centre by the screaming and was quite disoriented. He asked Anne to ask me if he could have a session and I said yes. I instructed him as everyone else, sit, relax and breathe. After 15 minutes, he got up, turned around and said, ‘I owe you an apology, I feel great!’ Another naysayer converted.

One very cool take away from this is that I had never attempted giving close to 20 Reiki treatments in one day. First of all, it was far easier than I may have thought and secondly, the Reiki energy increased the more treatments I gave. For the remainder of my time in El Remate, I received loads of thanks and smiles.

Reiki is easy to learn and get started with. The first level is for self treatment and for practicing with friends and family. A great thing to add to your wellness toolbox.

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