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A brief timeline:

Born in Ontario, I moved north at 23 years old and guided for a fishing lodge on Great Bear Lake. Only two years later, I was working in Nunavut as a Renewable Resource Officer, traveling the sea ice in the winter with Inuit hunters. After 6 years I left and moved to the Mackenzie Valley in the Sahtu region of the NWT as a regional manager for Renewable Resources.

My next home was Whitehorse, Yukon, a place of beauty, the Arts, creativity and fine people. Over those almost 20 years north of 60, I had learned great lessons from the elders and resource harvesters and creative northerners.


My life in the north turned towards south in 2002 when I moved to Calgary to live where my two sons lived. After all those years in the north, living in busy Calgary almost swept me away. I found my grounding in Ashtanga Yoga which I practiced regularly for 13 years. At the same time, I had begun my journey into practicing and teaching Reiki.


Three years later, I enrolled in the Healing The Light Body program with the Four Winds Society let by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, PhD. This program is based on the teachings of the Q’ero healers from the Andes Mountains in Peru and also from jungle shaman teachings in the Amazon rainforest.


I had further guidance from Mayan teacher Miguel Angel and from many medicine meditations in Peru and here in Canada.


My approach is to help you restore balance while teaching you to do personal maintenance on all aspects of your being. It’s fun, interesting and always worth your time and effort





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