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Shamanism and Reiki both work with our energetic body. Our energetic body (sometimes referred to as ‘light body or aura’) holds the information that feeds our physical, mental and emotional bodies. If our minds are holding onto limiting beliefs and/or our energetic bodies are encoded with trauma or injury, it manifests in our physical and emotional bodies resulting in illness and dis-ease. But this need not be the case for any of us.


By removing physical and emotional imprints and shifting limiting beliefs, our physical and emotional bodies can then heal, sometimes from life long injury and trauma. The important thing is to heal the energy blocks that keep us from moving ahead in our lives and our relationships. As we heal, uncontrolled reaction turns into controlled response, hence the definition of responsibility, 'the ability to respond'. 


The way our lives unfold for us closely follows our thoughts, how we hold our experience and how we choose to perceive our ‘reality’. This might seem both too simple or too ‘out there’ but when you get it and then embody it with every breath, your life can change from difficulty to ease in a heartbeat. 


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