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What is Neutralization Therapy?

Neutralization Therapy is a phrase I coined to describe the intention of this work. This is to bring what is out of balance and charged, back into balance and with neutral charge. This entails something a little different for each of us both in the process and the resulting condition. 

Why do people do this kind of treatment? Often people struggle with emotional imbalances that stem from difficult early life experiences. These imbalances can have a domino effect on the mind, body and spirit of the person. People are also interested in treating physical ailments and at times, mental or spiritual difficulties that adversely affect their lives.


The Process:

The chakra system provides information that points to blockages or other anomalies in a person's energy field. This is important because our energy field acts as the blueprint and operating system for our physical bodies. Imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects are where we work to restore balance and flow to our energy field and hence our minds and bodies.

A typical session first reviews your history which informs the practitioner and more importantly, brings up the experience in a person’s energy field, more readily allowing effective clearing. Often the first session brings a quite noticeable shift in a person’s energy. They leave feeling lighter and then its time to do integration work which is what I refer to as homework.

The purpose of this work initially is to provide relief and as the work progresses, to empower the person to be able to maintain and enhance their own overall wellness on an ongoing basis.

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